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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Dear Pakistan by Rosanne Hawke

I knew I was in Australia when I noticed all the legs — men’s legs! I never thought there could be so many variations: short, long, muscled, knobbly-kneed.

Then there were the hairy ones …

Jaime Richards has spent most of her life in Pakistan and returning to Australia seems like another planet compared to the country she has left behind. Here in Australia, boys try to kiss her, men wear shorts and everyone says 'cool' all the time. How will she ever know the right things to say or do or wear? After all, this is meant to be her own culture.

This is a story of living beyond borders, and discovering the gift of adapting to new cultures, especially one’s own.

The book was interesting to read from the poing of view of a pakistani and my review could be a little biased because of my nationality. Engaging and interesting.still being a pakistani i could see that the author is not up to date on what is going on.the nose pin or head covering or whipping are a thing of the past when zia ul haq ruled.the current circumstances are a lot different and anyone living in pakistan or aware of it would see through these things.the book was beautifully written and i specially liked the story about suneel. However to someone who doesn't know the real Pakistan and therefore mull ovet the contaversies in the book, it could be an interesting read.


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