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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Blest by Blaise Lucey

Growing up in a small suburb of St. Louis, sixteen-year-old Jim Blest has always known that he’s different. But he never thought he’d find someone else like him until the beautiful and mysterious Claire Morgan moves to town. When they kiss for the first time, the force of it is earth-shattering—literally. And then everything Jim has ever known suddenly changes.

As it turns out, Claire isn’t like him. He is an angel, and she’s a demon.

At a school where ancient enemies live among humans in a wary truce, Jim and Claire fight to be together against impossible odds. But a timeless war looms on the horizon, and they stand on opposing sides . . .

From debut author Blaise Lucey comes a breathtaking and action-packed story of heartache, sacrifice, and forbidden love.

My review
'An engaging  paranormal romance that has the thrill of Cassandra claire's  the mortal instruments. Fantastic. I think that a sequel is definitely in order. On a scale of 1 to 10  I would give it a 7.'

Blest was a quick and enjoyable read. The author truly captured the difficulty of making ones way through the cliques of its school, made even more challenging by throwing in the supernatural. Though some things never change. The angles and demons irrationally hate each other and the pain of rejection leads to terrible decisions and horrific consequences. Jim and Claire have to deal with so many obstacles, and I look forward to seeing how they fare in the follow - up, against new enemies. I am a bit disappointed in their relationships with their parents. Jim and his Dad, which is only superficially addressed, Claire, Gunnar and both of their parents, even Sydney and her mother. There is so much underlying those relationships and I felt like there were many unanswered questions. But the action leading into the end was fast paced and tense. And the connection between the two main characters was undeniable. Well done for a debut novel - another reviewer

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