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Review policy

I review books published both by large or small publishers and indie or self published authors. The book reviews posted on this site are entirely my own are not biased in any way. The books may or may not have been provided to me free of cost in exchange for a honest review, though this does not affects my opinion of the book in any way.

If you would like your book to be reviewed and/or the book review published on this blog, you could contact me through email. Please send your inquiries at
Please send me an epub,a pdf and if possible a mobi copy of your book along with the email. This ensures that even if I can not review your book right now it is still a possibilty for future
 I review books on almost every topic from cookbooks to fantasy,paranormal to fiction and self help to biographies/ memoirs. Other genres that I review include children ,middle grade romance,chick-lit, young adult, new adult,adult,horror, mystery, thriller etc. I do not review erotica or science fiction, science fiction mainly because it has lost its originality. However, if you feel that your science fiction is unique, feel free to contact me.

Every book I review may not be featured on this blog but it will still have strong chances of being shared on my Facebook page,twitter,instagram or other social outlets. If you would like your book reviewwd before a certain date please contact me 3-4 weeks in advance. I accept both ebooks and print copies,though print copies are preferred as they would mean a quicker review time and sometimes only may contribute towards a better review due to ease of taking notes for reviews. I accept finished copies,arcs,Galleys and just sometimes audiobooks.

I am a  proud member of netgalley with a top reviewer badge and over 100 reviews since joining in 2016.

Below is how I explain my star rating

6 stars :- I absolutely loved it, the book was awesome, fabulous and wonderful. The book was a blessing to be published and I consider the book one of my treasures. I  reserve this huge number of stars for really special books like Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban by j.k rowling or cruel beauty by Rosamund hodge.
5 stars :- I loved it, I would recommend every one to buy this book,shamelessly support it, re-read it every time I want to remember what an awesome book feels like.

4 stars:- l liked it very much. It had some minor flaws, but I enjoyed it overall. I would still want everyone to read it.

3 stars:- I liked it and would still recommended it. There were some major flaws or plotholes but still a good read.

2 stars:-  An okay book, but maybe it just was not one for me.  You could still try it out though.

1 star:- The book was horrible.  Donot even bother reading the blurb or synopsis of the book.

0 stars:- To quote another blogger "Precious hours of my life were spent reading this book and i would like them book."

If you are thinking that my rating could damage your book's reputation,  do not worry. For chances are very small that I would post review of any book below 3 stars on my blog as this blog was created solely because of my love for books.

 I am also open to blog tours, cover reveals and guest blogging opportunities. Please email me at  for more information.


  1. I would like to have my graphic novel SONORA PASS reviewed
    Jaime Olmos

    I can provide you a free link to a PDF version of my novel ...

  2. YOu can contact me via GOODREADS ...

  3. Joanne Parsons30 May 2018 at 10:57

    Hi, My novel,Kitchen Canary, was on Net Galley recently. I would appreciate your review. Please tell me how to send a paperback copy to you. Thank you. Joanne Parsons.

  4. Would you be interested in reviewing my dog rescue memoir entitled Lance: A Spirit Unbroken? At you can get a feel for the story and my writing.
    Thank you.
    Walter Stoffel

  5. Hi

    I have two books I’d love to have you review:

    The Id from Eden is a fictional work about AI getting into the wrong hand (e.g. Satan)
    The Black Line is non-fiction and about my team’s writing the software that flew the SR-71 spy plane for 22 years. It has interviews with two of the flight crews.

    Any interest?

    John Altson