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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Gond to Drift by Diana McCaulay

Life gets even tougher for Lloyd, a boy from a Jamaican fishing village, when his grandfather goes missing at sea - ‘gone to drift’ as the local fishers say. Lloyd sets out to find him but no one will help except for an uptown girl who studies dolphins, his best friend Dwight and - just perhaps - a mad man called Slowly on a sun-baked beach.

Truth? Respect? Survival? Gone to Drift is a powerful adventure story in which Lloyd discovers that the enemies of his grandfather - and of the Caribbean Sea that he loves - are closer to home than he could ever imagine.

The author, Diana McCaulay, is an award-winning Jamaican writer. This is her first Young Adult novel

My review :- One word AMAZING. This novel was poignant,captivating and fabulous.  With a touching plot, witty characters and moving story, I absolutely loved this book. This is one of the type which you emerge better for reading.  I  strongly recommend it to everyone. A beautiful read for me.

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