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Friday, 12 May 2017

5 Essential Dimensions by A,A. Alebraheem

Nonfiction Self Help
Date Published: August 2016
 This book unveils an amazing theory. Our lives have five dimensions that are essential for living a healthy, successful, and tranquil existence. These are our financial, social, internal, physical, and spiritual affairs. This book offers insight into helping us recognize the five life dimensions. It will teach us how to bring these dimensions into balance. We cannot reach our potential as individuals unless all five of these life dimensions are balanced. If we neglect any one of them, the ensuing disharmony destroys our tranquility and can wreck our lives. The 5 Essential Dimensions is an attempt to prevent this happening.
My review :- 
Helpful,insightful and motivating. A definite 3.5 star self help book that you need to read if you are struggling financially. 


 Chapter 1 on Happiness:
Although we each have a different idea of what happiness is, we nevertheless recognize it when we experience it. Our personal concept of happiness dictates our actions and controls our minds. People who like fishing think about fishing even when they cannot actually get out to fish. They avidly follow fishing-related news, study the weather and wind charts, and talk about fishing-related topics, because fishing memories are ingrained into their thoughts.
Those people whose happiness lies in gathering money, we find them always busy looking for profitable opportunities, and monitoring markets and indices. While those who find happiness in a bottle believe it is to be found in their favorite vintage. They plan when and where they will buy it, look forward to drinking it, and never tire of talking about its fine flavor.
Every one of us seeks happiness in our own way. Some watch sport, or date girls. While others collect rare items. Whatever our belief, ideology or taste, we all believe that we can find happiness if we search hard enough, and we pursue it like a cure. But does this happiness really exist?
What really makes people happy? Imagine asking a man to list all the things he would need for happiness, and then giving him all he dreams of. On top we will add anything he seems to have left out. Our fortunate man will be given a grand house to live in, perfect health, and the means to enjoy himself. After two years we would go back and ask him how he feels, only to find that the things he asked for, and the extra gifts we gave him, are no longer of interest.
That is how we all are: what makes us happy as children will not make us happy as adults, and what makes us happy today will not make us happy tomorrow. So what is the happiness that we continue to chase without knowing its true nature? And where do we find it?

About the Author

A.A. Alebraheem is a column writer for Kuwait’s bestselling newspaper, ALQABAS. Alebraheem writes about philosophy, spirituality, ethics and politics. His theory, “5 Essential Dimensions”, builds upon a strong argument that life consists of 5 elements: finances, sociability, internal aspects, physicality, and spirituality. He offers a perspective that will help us to recognize these elements, and provides suggestions to keep them in balance for a better life. Alebraheem’s writing attempts to see things from alternative angles, searching for patterns and creating successful habits for life.

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