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Friday, 28 April 2017

Rachel's Dream by Lisa Jones Baker

Rachel’s Dream
by Lisa Jones Baker


GENRE: Inspirational Romance (Amish)



Rachel Kauffman and Jarred Zimmerman seem to have nothing in common. She's the outgoing youngest of a large, close-knit Amish clan, while Jarred is a young veterinarian who trusts the animals he heals far more than he trusts people. However, when Rachel's horse falls ill, Jarred's struggles to save him show Rachel he's a man who cares deeply. And the respect he feels for her gentle warmhearted ways soon becomes an irresistible bond. When Rachel tries to help Jarred reunite with his parents, it's an unexpected blessing..with one complication. If he takes this chance to put his past to rest, it could separate him and Rachel for good. Now, with prayer, love...and her hope chest's small miracles, Jarred and Rachel must find the courage to reconcile their wishes into a joyous life together.


EXCERPTS (Please choose only ONE to use with your post):

Excerpt One:

He didn’t know Rachel well, but his instincts were usually right on target. His keen sense of reading people had kicked in at an early age. So had his lack of trust. By contrast, the Kauffman girl was unusually open and honest. Without a doubt, Rachel represented everything he’d yearned for growing up. When he was with her, an unprecedented sense of comfort and security filled his heart and soul.

But he had reciprocated her sentiment. And to his surprise, he’d confessed to her that his parents hadn’t raised him. It was the first time he’d ever told anyone, but she was a good listener, and the sad story of growing up without his own mom and dad was something he’d carried on his shoulders a long time.

He stood and paced to the living room to glance at the picture of his brother. At that moment, he knew to stay realistic about this sudden adoration for the beautiful Amish girl. Although she was of the Christian faith, the Amish way of life differed greatly from his own, so his feelings he had for Rachel could only lead to a dead-end street.

Excerpt Two:

That sudden acknowledgment hit her with such a strong emotional ferocity, she wasn’t sure what to say. I will miss him. I’ve grown accustomed to his soft, kind voice. And I feel such a bond with Jarred, like I’ve never had with anyone. What will I do without him?

 As if sensing her thoughts, Jarred stepped closer. “Rachel, thanks for lending me your ear. There can never be a happy ending for what happened. But I want you to know something. Even when Cinnamon’s well, I want to keep in touch.”

His statement prompted a sudden sigh of relief. “Of course.”

As Jarred stepped out of the barn, Rachel yearned for him to stay. To tell him everything she was feeling. So many emotions flitted inside her heart-frustration, compassion, gratefulness, sadness, and others she didn’t recognize-as he stepped into his truck and started the engine.

He wanted to keep in touch. The words came as a relief because she never wanted to be without him.

Excerpt Three:

After finishing her chores, Rachel bounded through the open doors and shouted, “Old Sam!”

He looked up from his workbench and smiled. “Rachel, I was wondering how you were. I haven’t seen you for awhile.”

She plopped herself down into the chair opposite him and caught her breath, pushing some loose hairs back under her kapp.

“What’s on your mind?”

She launched into an explanation of her dilemma. As she did so, Buddy whined for her attention, making himself comfortable on her shoes. Automatically, she stroked the canine’s head.

As she related the brief contents of Jarred’s letter, her heart pumped faster to keep up with her desperate words, which started to run together. When she’d finished, she said, “Old Sam, you’ve got to help me. I don’t know what to do.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

 Lisa Jones Baker is a multi-published author with Kensington Books. Her debut book of THE HOPE CHEST OF DREAMS series, REBECCA’S BOUQUET, won a Publishers Weekly starred review. A former teacher with a BA degree in French education, Lisa has been on 5 out of 7 continents, is a dog lover. She enjoys positive thinkers , volunteering in her church’s food pantry, and strong female characters.

You can find her on facebook -



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