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Sunday, 2 April 2017

In the prison of our grief by S.E.Amadis

About the Book
In The Prison of Our Grief

Author: S.E. Amadis
Genre: Action Thriller

A harsh prison in England.
The grisly, tragic murder of three babies.
The murderess is on the loose... And Carrie Anne's made friends with her.
Will she be able to find out the truth in time? Or will she become this sadistic murderess' next victim?
Once again, Carrie Anne finds herself in the centre of another terrifying ordeal...

In this exciting sequel to Patricia, we follow seventeen-year-old Carrie Anne Houghton and her new comrades-in-arms in a whirling, dizzying, action-packed adventure that spans two continents, from the glitzy high-rises of New York City to the lonely expanses of rural Canada to the glamour and colour of Mediterranean tourist resorts.
Persecution, murder, lies and deceit. Traps, stormy Gothic settings, abandoned mansions and secret passageways. All of this comes to vivid life in the pages of In the Prison of our Grief.
A gripping, fast-paced, action-packed thriller featuring a strong female protagonist and a quirky male counterpart. This book can be read as a standalone.

Author Bio
I could never write about a happy, conventional couple living in a happy, conventional, suburban neighbourhood with two cars and one and a half children, a dog and a pet bird, working at happy, conventional, uneventful jobs. 
My heroes and heroines have to walk through fire (or rather, crawl through fire), get strangled, beaten, shot at, drowned, poisoned, get caught in tornados or earthquakes or get attacked by mutant gnats. Or, they have to strangle, beat, shoot, drown and poison other people.
A story with anything less than these dramatic, hair-raising elements was always too boring for me to even consider telling.
I believe in magic. I believe that the world is full of mystery, and that there are more things in heaven and earth than could ever be dreamt of in our conventional, logic-based philosophies.
Outside of that, as a dry, mundane list of facts about me, I’m a single parent from a village near Montreal, Canada, who now enjoys the freaking great good fortune to live happily with my two sons on the almost-tropical south coast of Spain, basking in summer eight months of the year. Typical activities include running a marathon with the kids to school every morning and cooking frequently for an Always Hungry teenaged son with four stomachs.


Author website:

Twitter: @seramadis
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Book Excerpt :-

I stepped out into a wilderness transformed by this sudden tempest into a paradisiacal world revived and revitalized, grown unexpectedly lush and green, vibrant and filled with new life. Seething and pulsating with activity and verve. The scent of wet earth filled my nostrils, the trilling of songbirds more enthusiastic and shrill than ever before. The door was covered by an overgrowth of exuberant tropical plants, a canopy of verdure and golden light, and I pushed through dripping leaves and streaming stalks to make my way out, my feet squelching in mud.
As I burst into the open clearing, as if specifically welcoming me back to life and fresh air again, the rain pattered to a stop. Suddenly. Without warning. As if someone had simply turned a tap off in the sky.
Sunlight poured forth over me, warming the damp, pungent air.
In a daze, I wandered out across the clearing. Rivulets of mud streaked across the ground, flowed over my shoes. I wandered further, turned my head to look back at the house where I had been imprisoned. As I expected, there was no sign of Carola or any of the other people. There were no vehicles, and any tracks that might have remained had long been washed away.
I drifted around the bend, to the place where the taxi had dropped us off. There was only a faint trail there, no obvious path or paved road of any sort.
I lingered about, at a complete loss as to what to do now. Evidently, I had to find some way to get back to civilization. But how? I was all alone in the middle of the countryside, in a strange land, in a strange country, where I had never been before and where I couldn’t speak the language.
What the hell was I going to do?
As I stood there in the middle of nowhere, pondering all these thoughts, a disquieting roar—disturbing, troubling—came clamouring towards me from a distance. Faint at first but growing mightier and mightier at an unsettling speed. Filling the air with thunder. Heaving the world with vibration, almost like a tidal wave.
I couldn’t for the life of me fathom what was going on. I whirled around where I was, trying to make out something. Anything.
And then, the air became eerily still.
My review :- bone chilling and hooking with a strong plot, intriguing prose and well developed characters.  A perfect for every myself or thriller fan. A 3.5 stars book

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